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A lifetime of Cartooning

We are a husband and wife team who have been in the illustration and cartoon business for over 25 years co-writing and drawing the "Wizard of Id" cartoon strip, creating humor books, greeting cards and cartoons.  At ParkerCartoons.com we keep in touch with our Wizard fans, share information about new projects and celebrate the work of Brant J. Parker whose lifetime of cartooning continues to inspire us today.  

Go to our Wizard page for more information about the new team of Wizard cartoonists.  Contact us to request an autograph or special piece for your charitable organization.

Looking for the other Jeff Parker?  Click here to see his great comic strip "Dustin!"

Check out the classic strip GooseMyer - Washington DC politics at its best and worst through the eyes of a hard working government clerk caught in the system.‚Äč

Flashbacks from the Nation's Capital

Classic Goosemyer